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Thanksgiving Week Activities

people doing a puzzle

Thanksgiving is this week, and it’s time to get ready. Keep things interesting while you’re waiting for food to cook, while you’re cooling down from a good feast, and while you’re spending time with loved ones in Conroe, TX or wherever you may be spending the holiday. Try these ideas for activities to enjoy this week.

Go on a gratitude scavenger hunt.

This is a fun, creative idea for making expressing thanks a priority. When the day has settled down (or while you’re waiting for dinner to be ready), have your fellow diners make a list of things they’re grateful for or things that make them happy that you all can go out and find. Take photos of your results so you can come back and have something to show and talk about as you share.

Put together a family cookbook.

What better time to compile a cookbook than when the chefs are all gathered together and surrounded by good food? Compile a cookbook with your guests’ Thanksgiving recipes. Ask them ahead of time to bring a copy of their recipe. Make copies for everyone in attendance so even when you aren’t together for Thanksgiving, you can still enjoy the tastes of home.

Do a puzzle.

This is a classic activity that may already be part of your Thanksgiving traditions, but it’s worth noting anyway! It’s a fun way to get people interacting with each other and uniting over something simple, easy (or not, depending on the level of difficulty you want), and non-controversial. Bust out your favorite puzzle or ask someone else to bring theirs. Or you can shop online for Thanksgiving puzzles if you need something new.

Play a word game.

If you want a different type of puzzle, try out a word one! The Teacher’s Corner has a variety of Thanksgiving crosswords, word scrambles, and even coloring pages you can download and print. All you’ll need is a few pens, colored pencils or markers, and the pages for an easy way to keep people occupied, focusing on the holiday, and interacting with each other.

What are your favorite things to do before, during, or after the big day? Share with the rest of the Towers Woodland apartment community by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! We hope you have a fun and happy Thanksgiving.

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