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Fall Harvest Party Ideas

Pumpkins and corn with Fall Harvest Party Ideas text

Fall is in full swing here in Conroe, TX, so now is the perfect time to throw a fall harvest party celebrating your favorite things about the season and making use of the fruits of your hard work (or of the growers at the farmers market!). Try one or a few of these ideas for a great get-together in your apartment in celebration of autumn.



With the fall harvest come plenty of great gourds and vegetables that you can put to use in your cooking. Ask your guests to contribute so you’re not overwhelmed with all the cooking. Let them know what dishes you’ll need — set up a spreadsheet or collaborative document for them to see what’s needed and volunteer for specific dishes.


You can also set a theme focused around any one type of food. We like the idea to have everyone bring a different type of bread, butter, or jam for some quality carbo-loading. Or you can center it around fall desserts, for a sweet evening.


All Natural

The colors are changing, and they deserve some love! Make your party all about nature. Set up fall leaf garlands, set out your pumpkins and bales of hay, and put together a flower arrangement in your favorite warm colors. Switch out your brightly colored pillows and blankets for warm-toned ones and neutral art for snapshots of your favorite autumn scenes.


Join your guests in on the fun by making your party all about carving pumpkins, making fall-themed crafts, and putting together their own fall art or fall flower arrangements. It’ll take some planning and investment, but it will make for a relaxing afternoon everyone will remember.


Fall Games

Your party will be all fun and games when you put on activities you know your guests will enjoy. Get outside and enjoy these harvest party games for kids to get them interacting with leaves, corn husking, and pumpkins. Play pumpkin tic-tac-toe inside or outside, pumpkin ring toss, or even cornhole for a great way to get moving outside.


And of course, you can combine elements of these ideas in your party. Make food the focus or simply set out a few appetizers for people to snack on. (We like the idea of a charcuterie board!)


Have you ever thrown a fall harvest party? Share your best ideas for how to make it a success with the rest of the apartment community in the comments. We hope you have a successful fall harvest and a fabulous fall.

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